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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can fly a tandem paraglider ?


Starting at what age ?


It is possible to fly from 5 years old and with no age limit as long as you are able to run a few steps. For children we will choose calm conditions, the appointment will be made in the morning before 12 noon and at the end of the day.

The discovery flight and the sensational flight are suitable for children, we have the equipment adapted for them.


Are there special physical qualities ?


No special preparation, a few steps running and you're in the air.
The landing is smooth, a few steps walking and you are again on the floor of the cows.



A weight limit ?

For safety reasons the limit for tandem flight is around 20Kg to 90kg. It can vary according to the aerological conditions and the capacities of the passenger.



I'm dizzy, can I fly a paraglider ?


No problem. Some paragliders are also dizzy. Vertigo is nothing more than an anomaly between the balance of your inner ear and your visual interpretation, you will only experience it when you are in contact with the earth:

ex: climbing / balcony / bridge / cliff.

In paragliding as in plane, no contact with the ground so there is no vertigo.



Do I need a medical certificate ?

No it is only required for people flying alone.



How am I insured ?

You are covered by the civil liability insurance of the State Certified Monitor.



How should I equip myself ?

It depends on the season and the temperature, knowing that by taking altitude the temperature can drop drastically.

As a general rule, you should provide shoes that hold your feet: hiking shoes or sneakers.
Pants, cropped pants or shorts depending on the temperature.
A windbreaker, fleece or sweatshirt in case (the instructor can take it during the flight in a pocket of his harness)
Sunglasses recommended and… smile essential !!





How is a paragliding baptism organized and carried out ?

To book a paragliding baptism?


you can book24/7either :

_ via the website tab "RESERVATION"

_ by completingthe form in the contact tab



I already have a gift voucher?

Very simple, take your gift voucher and go directly to the "RESERVATION" tab on the website orby completingthe form in the contact tab

Regarding the weather conditions?


Paragliding is an activity that totally depends on weather conditions (wind strength, direction, stability of the air mass etc...).

The night before your appointment (between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.), after validation of the weather, a confirmation by phone or SMS will be made.

In case of bad weather conditions, your flight will be postponed and we will agree another meeting together. 


Find your itinerary  and get to the top of the Puy de Dôme?


Path to Couleyras

The Font of the Tree

63870 Orcines

GPS coordinates: N45°46'22.71''    E2°59'15.74''

The Panoramique des Dômes station is located at:

- 15 mins from Clermont-Ferrand

- 2 hours from Lyon

- 3h30 from Bordeaux

- 4h30 from Paris 

- 3 hours from Montpellier

The free parking is huge and can accommodate all types of vehicles.

A Shuttle Bus connects the city center of Clermont-Ferrand and le Panoramique des Dômes car park:

All of the information :Click here

You have several options:

_ WithTHEPanoramique des Dômes cogwheel train  with which you are at the top in 15 minutes:


For train times:Click here


For train fares:  Click here


_ On foot, the Chemin des Muletiers from the Col de Ceyssat (about 45 min  walk to reach the summit):

  To see the map:  click here 



Where to join?


At the top of the Puy de Dôme, directly on the paragliding take-off area where your instructor will welcome you. We always take off against the wind.



The course of the flight?


Once you arrive at the take-off area, your pilot will equip you with a helmet and a harness. Then a short briefing will be made to explain the progress of the flight. 

After a few small steps, we can already feel the sail supporting us. The following strides will be increasingly light and aerial.

Then it's take off: magic moment!!! We never felt the impression of "jumping into the void".

We took off gently, all you have to do is savor these unforgettable moments!!!

You will have plenty of time to chat with the instructor who will share his passion with you, while enjoying a calm and contemplative flight in complete safety. 

The landing will be just as soft as the takeoff.



After the flight ?


Just the desire to start again!!! 

For passengers who have taken the photo/video option,your visuals will be transferred directly to your smartphone right after landing.

How do I pay the service?


Payment is made by credit card via the website, by cash or on presentation of your gift voucher directly to your instructor.

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